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MediNet Network Meeting
Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, 12-14 March, 2018


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General Information

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The Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences (VINS) is located at 15 km from the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, which has about 2 millions of inhabitance. VINS (http://www.vin.bg.ac.rs/index.php/en/) was founded in 1948 and is a member of the University of Belgrade (UB). It is the largest and multidisciplinary research institution in Serbia. The research at the Institute covers the following areas: physics, chemistry, biology, power engineering and technology, radiation and environmental protection, accelerator science, and materials science. Owing to the multidisciplinary approach, the Institute is capable of responding to the major strategic lines of research defined at the national level: advanced materials and nanoscience, energy engineering and technology, biomedicine and environmental protection. Currently the total number of employees fluctuates around 800, out of which about 300 hold a PhD degree while 200 are PhD students.



For participants of the MediNet Midterm Meeting the Organizers have provided reduced prices in the Hotel Slavija Garni (http://www.slavijahotelbelgrade.com) and the Saint Ten Hotel (http://www.saintten.com), which are located in the city center. The distance between the two hotels is about 30 m. Participants are requested to fill in the hotel reservation form at the web site of one of the two hotels. I order to make profit from the reduced hotel rates for the MediNet Midterm Meeting, the access booking code “MediNet“ should be used. In the Hotel Slavija Garni the double room - single use is 40 € per night and the double room - double use is 55 € per night, + 1.30 € tax per night in both cases. In the Sain Ten Hotel the double room - single use is 119 € per night and the double room - double use is 129 € per night, + 1.3 € tax per night in both cases. These are the reduced prices.

The dead line to book a room in the Hotels is three weeks before the Meeting.

Bus transport will be provided every morning and evening from/to the Hotel Slavija Garni.


Travel Information The Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport (http://www.beg.aero/en/home) is located 18 kilometers from the Hotel Slavija Garni, which is located in the city center. The national currency in the Republic of Serbia is dinar or abbreviated RSD (1 € ≈ 120 dinars or RSD).

Transfer from/to the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. For the use of taxi services from the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to the Hotel Slavija Garni in Belgrade, please contact the city service TAXI INFO desk, located in the baggage reclaim area. Take the taxi coupon at the information desk which contains your destination and appropriate price for the taxi service. The price is 1800 RSD (dinars) which is about 15 € and the approximate travel time is 25 min. For the use of public transport there is the mini-bus line A1 leaving in front of the airport (Arrivals). Its last stop is at the Slavija Square, just on the opposite side of the Hotel Slavija Garni. The ticket price (purchased in the bus) is 300 RSD (2.5 €) and the approximate travel time is 30 min. There is a timetable of departures from the Nikola Tesla Airport to the Slavija Square and vice versa (http://www.beg.aero/upload/a1_map_&_timetable.pdf).


Task 1 updates and planning discussed during Midterm MediNet meeting are found on Task_1 webpage.


Task 2 updates and planning discussed during Midterm MediNet meeting are found on Task_2 webpage.