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The creation of this is the webpage was discussed during the workshop Microdosimetry for beginners (MedAustron, 9-10 October 2019). Its scope is to promote the sharing of documents, publications, data, and ideas which could be helpful and instrumental for the advance of microdosimetry in ion-beam therapy.

The contributors to this webpage are the participants to the workshop and all the researchers who express interest in the subject and would like to participate actively. At the moment, the access to this webpage it restricted so only people with (shared) username and password can read it. If you share the access code with other persons interested to the subject, please inform the webpage administrator to keep track of it.

If you like to provide topics and material to be shared with the group, please contact the administrator to request the access with additional editing privileges.

Topics for open discussions

This section is used to propose topis of discussion and share personal material. The topics are proposed spontaneously by the participants.

  • Giulio Magrin, 17 April 2020, The mean values ӯF, ӯD, and y*. The link between y* and RBEμD. Download



Useful Material

Activities of the Microdosimetry Group


Suggested recent publications on Microdosimetry